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Quick hits week 1 vs. Phill

9 Sep

Well, week one is in the books for our beloved Browns and in familiar fashion (last home opener win 2004) they leave us wanting yet again.  A valiant defensive effort was outdone by offensive ineptitude.  Here is my list of Stars and Schmucks:


1.  Dick Juron and the Defense, valiant effort, literally led to all 16 points the Browns scored!  A TD, 4 INT’s, 2 Sacks, 11 QB hits, 6 tackles for loss.  This was incredible, and anyone that only looked at these stats would have thought the Browns had dominated.

2.  The Young Linebackers, granted their were some missed assignments, and a missed pick to seal the game by Fort, but all in all I would leave Fujita on the bench and continue the growth of young talent.

3.  Frostee Rucker and the front 4…great pressure all game on Vick with minimal blitzing.

4.  The secondary…all in all a solid effort.

5.  Mo Mass was our best WR.



1.  Weeden…horrid, just plain awful.  I have NOT written him off, but this was hard to watch.  5 games with ZERO TD’s is worrying!  4 INT’s most with little or no pressure is even more worrying.  Bad throws, bad decisions all game long and a 5.1 QB rating.

2.  Little, the more I watch the more it reminds me of Edwards.  Makes the tough ones and easy ones end up in INTs.

3.  Haag, only because of the end of the first half.  As a FS in my youth, I know, your job is to cover over the top on the deep ball and play center field on the touchdown.  He did neither on the 2 passes to Maclin and it resulted in an end of half TD.

4.  Shurmur.  You are up 6 with 6 min left and you run/run/pass.  So pathetically predictable.  No matter what you did, score, punt or turnover, Philly was getting the ball back.  Play to Fucking WIN!

5.  The TE’s as  a group,  Non-existent.


So, there you have it fresh off another heartbreaking Browns loss.  See you fellow sadists next week!