If I were GM the Cleveland Browns will select…

20 Apr

The 2012 NFL draft is a mere 6 days away and the mock drafts and speculation have been beaten down like the proverbial “dead horse”.  To me there are really two legit scenarios and they revolve around the Vikings selection of USC T Matt Kalil or not.  So here goes.

The draft stays to form with Luck, RG3 and Kalil going 1,2,3.  The Browns are on the clock and select…

Trent Richardson RB Alabama.

Reasoning…the pick in this scenario comes down to 3 players TR, Blackmon, and Mo Claiborne.

Talent/Best player available aspect…all 3 were great, polished players at the collegiate level.  TR/Claiborne played in the talent rich and arguably best conference in CFB the SEC. Blackmon played in the “no defense” Big 12.

Rank 1. and 1A. TR/Claiborne 3. Blackmon

Business aspect and this truly is the key to the pick this year.

1.  The Browns should feel OBLIGATED to reinvigorate a fan base that has wallowed in mediocrity for a decade.  They need a face to hang the franchise on.  No disrespect to the future hall of famer LT Joe Thomas, but lineman will never be cover boys or big jersey sellers or season ticket purchasers.

Rank 1. TR 2. Blackmon 3. Claiborne

2. Position Need..The Browns recently selected Joe Haden and signed Patterson to a significant contract.  With so many other holes, corner is just not that big of a need.  As for WR we need one BAD, but I am just not that enamored with a 6’1″ WR with average speed at 4.  Also, it is widely agreed upon that the WR class is VERY DEEP.  22 or 37 will have a starter for the Browns to select.   As for RB, the loss of Hillis demands a suitable replacement in the WCO.  The fact that they let him walk (on the cheap), is a huge indicator that the Browns have keyed on TR all along.  He is powerful and has good hands.

So, a Richardson/Hill combo sounds much more dangerous than a Blackmon/Miller combo.

Rank 1. TR 2. Blackmon 3. Claiborne

3. Finally, the new CBA.  The biggest knock on taking TR is “you don’t spend the money/pick on a RB that early”.  Well, the Browns don’t have to spend the amount the #4 pick would have garnered just last year.  We know the shelf life of RB’s is shorter than most positions, but the Browns initially will only be tied to TR for 5 years until his next contract, then they reevaluate…I’ll take 5 years of TR thank you and hope for 3-5 more in a contract extension.

Now, if the 3 pick is traded for allowing a franchise to move up to take Tannehill and Matt Kalil sits there…TRADE DOWN (for an additional 2nd rounder), but no more than 3 selections to guarantee one of the original 3 prospects.  Picking up an additional 2nd rounder while still getting one of the big 3, is fine with me.

Well that’s my take if I were the GM of my beloved Browns…which I am obviously NOT.   For the sake of Browns fans everywhere I am hoping Mr. Heckert agrees!


One Response to “If I were GM the Cleveland Browns will select…”

  1. Phil Maher April 20, 2012 at 11:47 pm #

    I have said Richardson from day 1! I’m glad you have come around from Claiborne to TR, although I would not pound the table if Claiborne was taken.
    I agree with your assessment of Blackmon with this added. Living in Oklahoma I watched almost every game. On the Nationally TV games he was in Weedens earhole from 2nd quarter on (can u say TO). Love is talent to catch the ball, but…..! Pick 22 I would take the highest graded player at receiver or R. Tackle, 37 the other. Don’t ignore corner and linebacker later in the draft. There, I’m done for now! Have a wonderful week! GO BROWNS

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